Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rain twins!

Of course it's barely raining now, but when I left for work this morning, the heavens opened up and DUMPED rain.

I got to try out my new rain jacket, which worked like a charm!
I also threw on my rain pants at the last minute when I saw the deluge from the garage. So glad I did, because the streets were flooded, the bike lanes were flooded and the staff parking lot had about 6 inches of standing water in it. Thank goodness for fenders!

My gloves are still soaked. Hopefully they'll dry before it's time to ride home. 

I also swapped out my antenna ball for this beauty from Disney World:
Isn't he awesome in his Mickey poncho??
And when I put him on Sherm, I realized we were dressed the same in our rain gear!! That, along with riding through the storm, made my whole day :)

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