Tuesday, September 15, 2015

No. 30

Remember that time I met President Carter? Soon after I returned from my East Coast trip, Carter announced his cancer diagnosis and I decided it was time to dig in to that book I bought at The Carter Center and had signed by the man himself. 

No. 30 was Jimmy Carter's A Full Life, Reflections at Ninety:
Jimmy Carter is an absolutely fascinating man! I loved reading about his childhood and young-adult years. It was obvious from that beginning of his life that he was going to do amazing things. WOW.

The book bogged down a bit for me when he started discussing policy decisions during his presidency. But that's because I was a tiny one back then and don't have the background on the events of the day. I think for someone who was older during that time, it would read easier and have a little more meaning.

It was interesting to hear his thoughts on other presidents, including the current one. He didn't outright say it, but I get the idea that he's not a huge Obama fan.

Having toured the museum and seen about his ongoing work with The Carter Center, I loved reading about all that. 

I loved this book! If you have interest in politics and/or Jimmy Carter, read it :)

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