Thursday, October 1, 2015

No 26.2 this year

Back in June, Eryn and I kicked off our official Portland Marathon training with an 8-mile run along the Columbia River. We were attending a conference at the Red Lion Jantzen Beach and decided it was the perfect time - and beautiful location - to start our sister training.
It was supposed to be the start of a summer-long journey toward Eryn's first (and my fourth) 26.2 - sisters training together and running together for an experience of a lifetime.

But the very next day, Eryn was doing yard work and seriously tweaked her back. It knocked her out for way longer than she hoped, and an October marathon was no longer possible.

So we will not be running this year. HOWEVER, Eryn has since recovered - and graduated from physical therapy! - and is determined to keep that back strong and stay healthy so we can tackle it next year! Eryn's working her tail off to get back in running shape, sticking to a 10K training program with a couple races on the horizon. Then, it's time to work toward a winter half marathon. By late spring, she should be READY to restart that marathon training and nail it next October.

I'm really excited for this sister training - it's gonna be fun and hard and exhausting and exhilarating and all the things that come with 26.2 miles. Can't wait! :)

BUT - Brad IS running Portland this Sunday! It's his third full mary - so now we're tied! 

He trained so hard for Vancouver USA and nailed his time goal of 3:45. Since, he's been in maintenance mode. Life, work and a minor hammy injury have gotten in the way, so he's not worrying about a new PR for this one. Hopefully he'll just enjoy the amazing experience and have a wonderful time :)

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