Friday, October 30, 2015

Heavy medal

Look what we got for doing the Run Molalla Series:
To be honest, we signed up because of the goat and Bigfoot logos. Participants got trucker caps with this logo, and that was good enough for us!
Also, three races for $89 is a pretty good deal.

We had a blast at all three events! They were so well organized and supported. The Goat and the trail race were two of the toughest I've ever run - but also two of the best! And the Freedom 5K was just small-town awesomeness.

I bumped into one of the organizers at the last Discovery Run and told her how much fun we had at the trail race and how impressed we were with the whole series. Apparently, there was also a series medal that somehow Brad and I missed. She wanted us to have the bling, so she offered to drop two by the store so we wouldn't miss out. Then she messaged me to let me know they were waiting for us. Seriously - these people are awesome!

The medals are so, so great! Bigfoot and a goat... what more could we want??

We just can't say enough. We will definitely be signing up again next year for these terrific events! Join us!! :)

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