Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nos. 33 and 34

I put this book out every year with my Halloween decorations. I finally decided to read all of it!
It's a collection of "spooky poems and tales".

I bought it when I was a kid... in a book order!! Do you remember those? Best things ever!

The poems and tales weren't that scary. But I really liked this one:
When the night wind howls in the chimney cowls, 
and the bat in the moonlight flies, 
And inky clouds, like funeral shrouds, sail over the midnight skies--
When the footpads quail at the night-bird's wail,
and black dogs bay at the moon, 
Then is the spectres' holiday -- then is the ghosts' highnoon!

-William Schwenck Gilbert

No 34 was Missing Pieces, by Norma Fox Mazer:
As you can see from the acid-washed denim jacket, it's from the '90s. Eryn was thinning the THS library collection again, and I grabbed a few "gems". This was about a girl looking for her father, who left the family when she was a baby. It's a pretty good book for young readers.


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