Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Benham Falls

We accidentally ran too long last weekend!

Kari and Vicki generously allowed us to crash at their Sunriver home for some relaxation. My training program called for 9 miles, and after some research and recommendations, we decided to run the dirt trail to Benham Falls.

And since it wasn't long enough, we planned to run from the house to the trail head. We thought it would be just about 9 miles - perfect!

Well, it was actually 11.5+ miles by the time we got home!
But we kept it nice and slow, enjoying the beautiful, easy run along the Deschutes River. The leisurely pace made 11.5+ seem like a piece of cake. Not to say we weren't tired at the end, but we weren't wiped out.

Overall, it was a great weekend to hang out, eat, sleep, play dice games, watch Netflix, finish my book and enjoy family time with Brad's folks. And we made a bunch of holiday plans! Can't wait :)

Oh, and then it was snowing like crazy on the way home! I love snow!! :)

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