Monday, November 2, 2015

Even teenagers like to carve pumpkins

Friday was pumpkin day in CE2!

It often starts slowly, with me strongly encouraging students to join me in the pumpkin-carving fun and them acting as though they're way too cool to be interested. But then a few join in, and it gets fun!

I sweetened the deal by hollowing most of them ahead of time so the students could get straight to the design without worrying about the guts.
Maria's pumpkin had a big grin - just like Maria:
David made a special "CE2" pumpkin:
 Adrian went traditional:
Dylan's was two-faced - cat on one side and a sad, scary face on the other. He also had a costume! (He was also happier than his face would suggest) ;)
 Adrian went with scary teeth:
And Omar made this very elaborate guy with arms, legs, tongue, sword and shield: 
It was a joint effort, so they named him Salomddas (written on the white board) - a combination of initials from all the people involved:
What a fun afternoon!!! :)

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