Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Birthday bowling

Mom decided to have a bowling party for her birthday!

First up, dinner in the restaurant at Big Al's in Beaverton.
My camera wasn't liking the low light.
Brad was trying his pouting selfie lips:
The food was surprisingly good. The prices were a little high, but the portions were huge.

Eryn and I split the fish tacos and the taco salad. The salad was fairly boring and not worth eating. The server asked if I wanted a box, but I told her that it honestly wasn't that good. Then she took it off the bill! I was so happy with the great customer service!

Then it was on to bowling... a pitiful showing by most of us. Except Mom - she actually did pretty well!
Brad pulled some stomach/groin muscles and was complaining a lot about his "uterus" hurting.
He still won.
Dad almost fell down a lot...
Clearly, we don't do this very often:
Still lots of fun!
None of us had been to Big Al's before. It was a really nice, clean, family-friendly place. I'd go there again!

After bowling, we walked across the street to Menchies for frozen yogurt. Yummo!

Happy birthday, Mom!!!! :)

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