Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Turkey Feast 2015 is in the books!!

Eryn and I did our big shopping trip Wednesday after a union meeting in Beaverton. I made her do this:
Got it!
Eryn carted over table, chairs, plates, flatware, candle holders and crockpots, while I prepped the house for a crowd. We're doing a bathroom remodel, so the place was pretty trashed. It was a long week of cleaning and prepping!

Sunday, we got down to business. But after things were under control, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. In our matching Crocs, party pants and puffy jackets:
Then we got cleaned up, put the finishing touches on stuff and waited... and took selfies:
Soon, it was time for the guests to arrive and the feast to begin! The table was ready and waiting for 12 hungry diners:
And the buffet:
Plenty of food for all the tummies! Because it was so close to Thanksgiving this year, we opted for a ham. SOOO much easier than turkey. We all joked about what kind of meat we'll serve at TF'16... so many options :)

As always, I was too busy feasting and chatting and hosting to take any people pictures. Ugh! Maybe I'll remember next year :)

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