Friday, January 31, 2014

Beautiful stress-relieving run with friends

I finally snapped a pic of the elusive Connie!
Connie joined Julie and me yesterday on our after-work run. She's run with me several times before, and each time I've faithfully carried my camera. But for some reason, I always forget to get a picture after! I think it's because I'm intimidated by her awesomeness - and don't want her to know that I'm that nerd who has to take a picture after all my runs :)

But, I am that nerd! And now she knows.

Julie learned that a long time ago and now joins me in the post-run photo shoots. Drink the nerd Kool-Aid!!!

It was supposed to be rainy yesterday, but the weather ended up perfect. We ran and chatted through the park for a total of 5 miles before walking up the big hill back to THS.

Nice job, Julie, on the strong 5 miler! (no walks!!)

We're all dragging from the first week of the semester, and this beautiful run was exactly what we needed :)

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