Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Every hour

Inspired by a blog I read, I decided to take a photo every hour of the day yesterday (at some point during the hour) and see what I was doing. It's fascinating ;)

The 5 a.m. hour - Up early, early so I can squeeze in a run before work. Checking the Internet while watching KGW news and eating oatmeal with homemade almond milk. The way I start each and every day:
6 a.m. - Leaving on my run:
7 a.m. - All done!
8 a.m. - At work in CE2 - first day with students:
9 a.m. - Mom brought down some treats from her weekend trip to San Francisco:
10 a.m. - I took a swing up to the main THS building to return some stuff to the library and check my mailbox in the main office. My sis is the librarian:
11 a.m. - Time to call Baja Fresh and order Wednesday's lunch for our CE2 students:
Noon - Lunch time! A couple slices of that San Francisco sourdough with some butter, garlic salt and string cheese - under the broiler for a couple minutes. YUMMMMO!
1 p.m. - After work, I made my weekly trip to Winco. I spotted these right off the bat - and I resisted!!! It's a miracle :)
2 p.m. - All done shopping. Snacking on some bulk Cinnamon Toast Crunch:
3 p.m. - Watering my garden. Look at my dogwood turning beautiful fall colors:
4 p.m. - Time to bring in the laundry. I've been harnessing the power of the sun all summer to dry our clothes:
5 p.m. - We ate a lovely dinner of pasta casserole from the freezer, salad that I just prepped from my Winco run, and sourdough from Mom and Dad:
6 p.m. - This was a lazy night with several episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix:
7 p.m. - Snack time with tea and more sourdough:
8 p.m. - TV off - time for a few pages before sleep:
9 p.m. - Lights out (yes, that's a Mickey Mouse clock!):
What a fun experiment :)

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