Monday, September 29, 2014

Unity Run (9/26/14)

A 5K fun run was added to this year's homecoming activities!

The Unity Run was sponsored by the GSA Club (Gay-Straight Alliance), with proceeds going to the the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

We heard there was a costume contest (though no one else dressed up and we never heard anything about the outcome...), so Eryn and I donned our best matching green outfits. You can't see in the picture that we also have matching green compression sleeves on our legs:
We helped out at the registration table before, then lined up to run down Durham Road as the beginning of the parade. It was mostly just us and the cross-country team. Nothing like coming in last ;)
Before - ready to run!
The parade spectators were really nice and had lots of good comments about our awesome outfits!

Three miles later:
Not wanting to walk in front of the parade crowd, Eryn booked it down Durham Road - her fastest mile ever! Then we took it easy in Cook Park before heading back up the hill and finishing on the track.

For a first-time event, it went pretty well. And I'm sure there were lots of lessons learned to make it even better in the future.


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