Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seattle always loses when I'm there

Mom and Dad offered to pay if we wanted to join them this weekend for some Mariners baseball in Seattle. Yes, please!

First, Dad and I beat the sun up for a bike ride. 
I ended up with about 12 miles. At the end of the month, Dad and I are doing the Harvest Century together (we're doing the 45-mile route). We've been riding lots this summer to prepare, and it's been fun to have a biking buddy :)
We got on the noontime train, made a stop at our Tukwila hotel and hopped a bus for the stadium in time for the evening game against Oakland:
Last time we were there, I nearly froze in shorts and a T-shirt. So this time, I packed a light jacket, a puffy jacket and a fleece blanket. And it was 80 degrees with no wind - of course.

The first 35,000 fans got a King Felix shirt!
It was a good game, but we ended up losing in the end. They always lose when I'm there :(
Sunday, I got up early (early considering how late it was when we got home from the game!), ate some complimentary hotel breakfast and hit the road:
The Interurban and Green River trails ran RIGHT behind our hotel! Still on my run/walk interval program, I did run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes - times 9.
It was a great run! The sun was out but it wasn't hot yet. I had a view of Mount Rainier. The trail was flat and pretty. I felt strong. My only complaint was that the trail was a little unpopulated for my taste. There was a sketchy guy hanging out, and I ended up running really fast to put some distance between us so he didn't decide to follow me. I really don't like to feel unsafe on my runs. I would have preferred a running buddy.

We all worked out, then it was time to head back to Safeco Field for the Sunday day game. Such a cool train station - and right next to Century Link and Safeco:
Sunday's game was pretty sucky. The team did poorly. Oakland played well. The crowd was less-than energetic. We lost.

But a warm, sunny day at the ballpark with the family is always fun :)
And it was so fun to have Leslie and Ronald join us!

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