Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My longest bike ride yet!

It seems like we don't see Sean for months and months, and then we hang out all the time, doing fun stuff all over the country side!

While I was doing the Color Run Saturday, Brad, Sean, James and Suzi headed to the Gorge for a hike up Indian Point. Look at this gorgeous picture James took:
Sunday, we got up early to meet Sean for more fun - this time a long bike ride in Portland.

I'm so excited that Portland has these cool bike routes on its Web site. Last weekend we used the maps to explore cities to the south of Portland. This week, we opted for Ride 3: Big Eastside Trail Loop.
Again, Sean's house was just two blocks off the course, so we met there and headed to the Springwater Corridor. We got about .75 miles in and discovered Sean's tire was busted. So we turned around, did a quick swap with his other bike, and hit the road again.
This route was mostly on paved trails. The Springwater Corridor took us to Gresham, then the Gresham-Fairview Trail took us to... Fairview. OH - and a crazy lady yelled at us because we're apparently a hazard on the road. (Even though we were in a marked, designated bike lane) Lovely.

Then we hopped on the Marine Drive path all the way past PDX. We stopped at the I-205 bridge to watch a couple planes landing:
We eventually arrived at Kelly Point Park, where we dismounted and took a short "lunch" break. Predictably, my PBJ was amazing ;)
Then it was through St. Johns, along Willamette Drive, along the Eastside Esplanade and back to Sean's - for a grand total of 55 miles!! That's the farthest I've ever gone!
I nearly didn't make it. At Saturday's Color Run, I tried my hand at the pre-party Zumba. Well, it was a lot of jumping, and it just about did in my calves. I even took a Tylenol PM because of calf cramps Saturday night. SOOO... my pre-fatigued legs struggled some, and my muscles were pretty shot when we finished. BUT - the rest of me left great. And now I know not to spend 30 minutes jumping the day before I do a 50-mile bike ride ;)

And then, par for the course, we celebrated our win with food. This time, burritos and taco salad from the a nearby taqueria:
Another terrific adventure!! :)

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