Monday, September 15, 2014

(good) dinner and a (crappy) movie

The past two Discovery Runs took us to Perfect Pizza on the Tualatin Commons lake. I'd never heard of this restaurant, but then it also showed up in my Groupon e-mail. I decided that was a sign... we needed to try it out.

Friday evening, we drove the 2 miles to Perfect Pizza and ordered a half Perfect Veggie and half South of the Border. It took a really long time to get our order - we even took a stroll around the lake while we waited. But the guys all apologized numerous times - good customer service. Also, it was 6 p.m. on a Friday night. A busy restaurant is expected.
The pizza was excellent! The crust was that perfect, crispy, pizzeria style that is so good. And the toppings were plentiful, fresh and yummy! And the 14" was only $16.99. We will definitely be back :)

(Oh - our only complaint was the music. They had heavy metal on the PA, which we thought was a strange choice for a family restaurant. Fortunately, it wasn't loud.)

We got home and vegged out. Brad was working on something in the other room and I crawled into bed and flipped through Netflix looking for a mindless movie to watch. I settled on The Wedding Pact.
It was so bad. Seriously cheesy and B-rate. I didn't even mind when Brad came in to go to bed and I had to turn it off.

If you're looking for good pizza in the Tualatin area, check out Perfect Pizza :)

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