Friday, August 29, 2014

Sean's a winner!

Sean, Mom, Dad and Eryn joined us Thursday night for the monthly Road Runner Sports Discovery Run, a running scavenger hunt around Tualatin. We go nearly every month, but it was a first for the others.

At the raffle after, one of Sean's tickets was called, and he won a free Jamba and $25 to Famous Dave's BBQ! Going to collect his prize (grey shirt):
Despite the multitude of tickets in our group, Sean was the only winner.
But we did enjoy our free root beer floats!

Brad, Sean and I stuck together, covering just under 4 miles in the hour. Many of the locations were closer this time, so we didn't have as far to go. We actually finished with quite a bit of time to spare, only skipping the couple of stops that were all the way over by Bridgeport Village and beyond.
Our 11:38 average pace is deceptive. It's more of an interval workout with running fast between stops, then waiting to do the little tasks at each spot, or going inside the business or waiting at stoplights.

Our group:
And look what showed up today on Road Runner's Facebook page:
Isn't that awesome?? The Road Runner photog snapped it while I was snapping us!

I think a good time was had by all :)

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