Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Streakin' - Week 7

Well, this was my last week before heading back to work - and I kept the streak alive for my 6.5-week break - woohoo :)

** Monday - Kickboxing class with Eryn:

** Tuesday - 45-minute bike shakeout:

** Wednesday - Quick 1.75 miles on the 'mill before heading to Seattle:

and 42 minutes walking around Seattle. We found this really cool waterfall park in the middle of the city:

** Thursday - Hiked Wahkeena Falls to Multnomah Falls with Dad (~5.5 miles):
and biked the 14-mile Gorge trail:

and then did a kickboxing class with my friends:

** Friday - Biked from Gaston to Hagg Lake - 22.22 hilly miles:

** Saturday - 50-minute shakeout on the bike:

** Sunday -  Biked the Covered Bridge Ride in Albany - 40.42 miles:

I'm glad I set this goal to keep me moving this summer! Proud of all my accomplishments. And a big thanks to family and friends who joined me in the fun :)

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