Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Canby Dahlia Run (8/23/14)

Last weekend was our second-annual Canby Dahlia Run with the McKees and the Mortiers. We all grew up together and last year ended up running the half together. We all signed up again when early-bird registration came out. 

This time, Eryn Thorne went from being a cheerer to being a runner. And Eryn McKee, sidelined last year by an injury, also joined the runner ranks.

We channeled pre-race nerves into lots of pre-race pictures:
Tera, Jake, Eryn and Tiffany (sisters and a husband):
The McKee women:
Dad, Mom and a stranger in blue:
Almost time to go:
Because of a nagging Achilles injury, I dropped from the half to the 10K and just went out there, untrained, to enjoy the beautiful course. It was so nice to run again after months off. It's a rural course, and with small numbers, I experienced lots of solitude - one of the best parts of running.

All done!
I finished in 58:47, a 9:37 average:
Soon came Eryn, cruising down the hill. Downhill finishes are so fun - although the hard right turn at the bottom was a little tricky:
Then Dad:
Yay, Mom - nice job on the PR!
Way to go, Eryn - her first 10K!!!
Tera, Jake and Tiffany did the half (so jealous!). 

Tera killed it - coming in 4 minutes under her goal and hitting a huge PR! At 1:41:13, Tera took ninth place for women and third in her age/gender division!!
Next up was Jake - also a big PR!
And Tiffany - ANOTHER big PR!
Very well done, everyone! What a great day for a great race - we will be back :)

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