Friday, August 29, 2014

Sunday Parkways - by bike

This past weekend was the monthly Sunday Parkways, when a portion of a Portland neighborhood is shut down to cars, and bikes and pedestrians take over - all for free. It's such a fun day, and we try not to miss.

This month was a 7-mile loop around Southeast Portland. We mapped it out and decided to bike the ~14 miles from home.

Our route took us through Multnomah Village, down Barbur, through Johns Landing, downtown, across the Hawthorn Bridge and out to 16th and Taylor. There was a lot going on at Colonel Summers Park:
We got a later start than planned, so we didn't have time to actually bike the 7-mile Parkways loop. But we checked out the activities, people watched and snagged some milk samples before heading back to a family event at Ma and Pa's house.
The route home took us up Terwilliger, up Capitol Highway and back through Multnomah Village. We really enjoyed exploring and seeing new-to-us neighborhoods. And in 30 miles, we only made one wrong turn - one that was easily corrected.

We made it!
I clocked 31.65 miles in under 3 hours:
It was so empowering to know we could get all over town on our own power! Where shall we explore next?? :)

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