Saturday, August 9, 2014

Adventure Thursday: Gorge fun

I got a text Sunday from Dad:

"How about a hike and bike ride in the Gorge on Thursday?"

Yes, please!

"I thought one last hurrah before you go back to work!"

WOOHOO - I love hurrahs ;)

First up: hiking Wahkeena Falls to Multnomah Falls, about a 5.5-mile loop:
We spotted a stub trail we'd never seen before and thought we'd explore:
Wasn't much of a trail:
I decided to abandon when poison oak became unavoidable (we were both in shorts).
I love this part of the trail:
Down, down, down to Multnomah Falls:
Made it to the lookout:
And down to tourist central:
And back to our starting point:
A lovely hike first thing in the morning!

Then we changed clothes and got on our bikes... 7 miles to Cascade Locks:
And back to the trailhead:
Thanks for the adventure, Dad!! :)

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