Thursday, August 14, 2014

Doubling up

Inspired by Paul, a fella in my kickboxing group, I decided to bike to class Wednesday afternoon.

I mapped my route, tied a cue sheet to my top tube and hit the road with plenty of time to pedal to southwest Portland.

The route was simple and fairly easy, and, even with traffic, I was there in about 35 minutes - 6.5 miles door to door.

Class was hard. Usually my lower body is my strength - I can do squats all day ;) But with all my weekend bike miles and a hard Monday kickboxing class, my legs were just plain tired. Still, it was so great to sweat!

And because class was smaller, I was able to get some extra attention and a little technique tip from instructor Brittany. On that note - Brad, Lindsey and I plan to take a private technique class next weekend so we know what we're doing out there ;)

Paul-the-cyclist was also in class and gave me a tip for the ride home (He lives in Tualatin and does much of the same route). I followed it and avoided a hill - yippee!


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