Monday, January 25, 2016

Angel's Rest (1/23/16)

Dan asked if anyone wanted to hike Ruckel Ridge Saturday - "early and fast". After several hours of e-mail conversation, Brad, James and I decided snowy Ruckel Ridge was more than we wanted to bite off. Dan ended up leaving early, early Saturday for Nesmith Point while the rest of us slept in a bit and did a later start on Angel's Rest.
We prepared for rain, but it barely drizzled while we hiked up the short but steep trail. The temp was surprisingly warm, and I was sweating a lot as we kept a quick pace!

Despite the rain forecast, the trail was very busy. We had fun people watching :)

We came out on top to a good view:
The wind was calm at the summit, and fog moved in and out while we took pics and ate a little snack.

Brad took pictures for this group - then they took some of us:
All smiles:
It was so great to catch up with James - and to get out in the woods! 
Hoping for lots more adventure in the near future :)

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