Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lacamas Lake (1/30/16)

Saturday's adventure was a bit soggy.

Brad wanted to get out on his bike again, and I wanted to log more trail miles. We decided to head north so he could pedal at Round Lake and I could run the out-and-back trail across the road at Lacamas Lake.

It was absolutely pouring when we arrived. Rain, hail, clouds nearly dark as night. But we'd come from the west and knew the system was moving through. We waited until the dark clouds gave way to patchy blue sky and then went for it.

The Lacamas Lake Heritage Trail is about 3.5 miles of mostly flat, smooth dirt and small gravel. There are a few rollers, but overall it just follows the shoreline. It was late afternoon, and I was greeted at the turnaround by this beautiful setting sun:  
Also, a potty! That's such a nice treat on a run :)
There were people out but not tons. I passed a lot of walkers and runners but was alone most of the time. I felt safe but did see one guy who made me pay extra attention. I sped up when I passed him to put extra distance between us. Better safe than sorry. 
I ran fairly quickly but stopped a couple times on the return to snap some photos: 
It's a really nice trail, wet in some spots but not too bad. My feet ended up more wet than muddy: 
I emerged from the parking lot just as Brad was rolling into the parking lot across the road. Perfect timing. Happy, sweaty couple: 
 Not nearly as muddy as last time:
But he did forget to strap on his rear fender. Oops: 
I can tell we're gong to have fun exploring with this new toy :)

After, we drove the short distance to Brad's parents' house, showered and had dinner at the new Black Bear Diner in Vancouver. Good eats! Then back to their house for games. What a fun Saturday :)

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