Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Frigid Tilikum Crossing

I'm really behind on my postings because of a "fun" computer issue we're having at home. Our brand-new computer has died :(


Portland's new Tilikum Crossing has been on our to-do list since it opened this fall. We decided winter break was the perfect time to do a mid-day run downtown and check it out. Because of weather and such, we picked Saturday Jan. 2. It was COLD and windy - but beautiful!

We parked by the Portland Opera building and jumped right on the bridge.

It was nice - and pretty! The markings/signs were a bit confusing for first-time visitors, but we figured it out. Because it's not a draw bridge, there's a fairly steep incline that I wasn't expecting. Also, the railings cantilever over the river a bit, and it was a little trippy on my eyes/mind as we ran next to the edge.

My bladder was talking to me, so I ducked into the newish OHSU building on the west end of the bridge. I'd never been inside... it's nice! They had a huge bathroom and a Starbucks (if we were so inclined) and a drinking fountain with a bottle filler. Good to know that's available for future downtown adventures :)

We ran north to the Steel Bridge and back on the Eastbank Esplanade. BRRRRR!!!!!
Couldn't stop too long because the cold set in fast!
I love the starkness of winter.
There's that pretty bridge:
Behind OMSI:
That loop was just about 4 miles - a nice run for a very, very cold day. (The snow/ice storm hit that night, if you remember!)

Looking forward to more Tilikum Crossing runs :)

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