Monday, January 11, 2016

Birthday meat, Star Wars, AARP and bike surprise

Brad celebrated a big birthday this past week! 

First up was a meaty birthday dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ - ribs and brisket:
And not a single bite left over:
I ordered the Chicken Chopped Salad with a fish fillet instead of chicken. The guy looked at me like I was nuts, but he brought it anyway - and it was pretty good:
Next up: Star Wars!
I wasn't excited about going, but I really, really liked it! One of the better movies I've seen in a long time.

We went through the mail as soon as we got home. Brad started laughing/crying and showed me his AARP membership application!!
I know they send these randomly to all kinds of people, but the timing was awesome!
So much laughing and crying and hugging :) 

Sunday, family came over for birthday dessert and gifts.

Brad has a tradition of putting really extravagant things on his Christmas wish list - "in case someone wins the lottery and needs to know what to get me." This year it was a fancy camera, a satellite tracker, two motorcycles and this mountain bike:
When Christmas shopping began in earnest, the family claimed things off his wish list, and I started thinking about what I wanted to get him. I also usually pick something off the list to get for his birthday, which is Jan. 6.

A big birthday calls for a big celebration. But Brad wasn't interested in a party or a trip or anything special. So I thought I should get him a big gift - like maybe one of those things he's not really expecting - the camera or the tracker.

Then I thought maybe other family members might want to chip in and get him a bigger gift - maybe the bike!

I sent out a "crazy idea" e-mail, and everyone jumped on it, offering to chip in what they could afford.

Eryn went with me to order the bike from Lakeside Bicycle in Lake Oswego, and Mom went with me last Friday to pick it up and stash it in her garage.

FINALLY, it was time to reveal the big surprise!!!!!!!

It's been killing me to keep the secret - and I wanted to make sure he had no idea - a total surprise.

I went out for a run yesterday afternoon - a secret rendezvous at my parents' house to load it in the truck, cushioned with blankets and a sleeping bag. When 6:30 p.m. came around, the family gathered for dessert first, then PRESENTS! We blindfolded Brad while Mom and I retrieved the bike from the back of the truck and carefully carried it into the living room.

We told him to open his eyes, and he just looked in disbelief! "What?!" he asked. I think he was a little shocked at first.
Within a few minutes, he was riding it in circles around the house:
And then he was telling/showing us all the nifty features:
I am SOOOO thrilled that we were able to pull off the surprise and give him something special to commemorate his big day :)

A huge thanks to Mom, Dad, Steve, Donna, Eryn, Jill, Maroof, Ma, Pa, Kari, Vicki, Kayla and Jessie for helping make this possible!!!!!! :)

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