Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Muddy, icy Wildwood

I'm really hoping to make this the year of the trail run, and this weekend it was the Wildwood Trail with Brad and Lindsey!

We met about noon Saturday at the Germantown Road trail head and ran west. We sorta tricked Lindsey into doing more than she'd planned, but fortunately she's my adventure buddy and is always up for it :)

The trail was muddy but also really icy and slippery in spots. We had to walk very carefully through several areas, but only one of us actually went down. No injuries, just some dirt.

Lindsey and I went about 2.5 miles out to the BPA Road intersection. It was fairly solid uphill for that last mile or so, and Lindsey was ready to turn around. So she headed back while Brad, who timed it perfectly to meet up with us there, and I ran out to the lookout. He assured me it was about .25 miles. It was actually .75 miles - so we added an extra 1.5 to our day!

Not much of a view through the clouds. Breathing hard:
We caught up with Lindsey right before we reached the cars (Didn't mean to ditch you!!!!) I ended up with 6.53 miles for the day.

Happy, sweaty, muddy runners!
I had mud caked to the back of my legs!
Tony - thanks so much for the REI gift card that helped buy my new trail-running pack!!
Can't wait for more muddy runs! :)

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