Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Nos. 1, 2, 3

I've read three books already this year! No. 1 was Sue Henry's Murder on the Iditarod Trail:
I learned a ton about the famous race while following the mysterious deaths of mushers. I really enjoyed this the mystery and the new subject! I have a couple more by this author and look forward to reading them.

No. 2 was The Burg-O-Rama Man by Stephen Tchudi:
This was a young-reader novel from long, long ago. Contrary to what the cover might indicate, it was a pretty good story. And it was FAST! I read it in just two days.

Then I had a snow/ice day from work and took advantage of my bonus vacation day to read this beauty:
No. 3, Laura A. Sonnenmark's Something's Rotten in the State of Maryland, was another teeny-bopper book. It was more typical teen love drama but still a fun, quick read. It didn't hurt that I was curled up in front of a fire with my Christmas quilt and my cuddly cat :)

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