Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blazers blowout

We watched the Blazers trounce the Bobcats Wednesday night at the Rose Garden. (when did Charlotte become the Bobcats?? I totally missed that)
Aunts Kari and Vicki and cousins Kayla and Jessie gave us tickets for Christmas. Very fun gift - we hadn't been to a game in years!
The prize blimp came right by us, but we didn't win a thing.
Eryn shared her nachos with me - yum!
The guys behind us who talked loudly through the entire game. Very annoying:
Portland KILLED Charlotte - almost doubling their score most of the game. There were some exciting breakaways, dunks and turnovers.

But the best part of the night was halftime by the Liberty Hot Wheelz, a unicycle performing group from Liberty Elementary School in Salem. They were awesome!!
The Blazers kicked butt... 112 to 68, and we took home coupons for free Chalupas and Egg McMuffins. It was a good night :)
Thanks, Fantz-Sands family for the fun gift! :) :)

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