Friday, February 3, 2012

Track Thursday becomes Tempo Friday

This week's Track Thursday was not on Thursday... nor on a track.
Yesterday was all messed up with a half day for students, an afternoon doctor appointment and a late-afternoon union meeting. Combined with me just being pooped from a go-go-go week and tired from a hard Wednesday spin class, I decided to give myself a break and skip the track.

Today's a workday so teachers can grade and get ready for the new semester next week. Because my schedule's flexible, I planned to work a split shift and do a little track workout before lunch.

I was about to change when I saw a hoard of teenagers flooding onto the track. Track team? Soccer? Lacrosse? Maybe all three.

I almost threw in the towel but decided to change anyway and go do a short tempo run, which I plan to switch to soon anyway after track season gets under way.
It was super sunny, and the east wind was a blowin' as I set out from THS to do just 2 miles in the neighborhood at a faster-than-normal pace. (notice my jacket blowing open?!?)

I did a short warm up at a comfortable pace and then kicked it up. I knew I wanted to go faster than my 5K PR (which is 9:01), but I wasn't sure how fast. I settled in around 8:20 and went for it.

My first mile was at an 8:14 pace. My second mile was at an 8:14 pace. YAY, consistency!
With the warmup and cooldown, 2.28 miles in 19:42.

I feel good about that. I was able, even with a stiff headwind, to keep my pace even and far below my best 5K time. I'm not sure if I could have pulled off another mile at that speed, but maybe......

Have you gotten out in the sun today? :)

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