Thursday, February 6, 2014

Early-morning pace

It's pace day, and I was up early and on the treadmill by 6 a.m.
It was so cold in our uninsulated garage! Until I warmed up, I wore pants, stocking cap, gloves and jacket. The florescent light never came on - too cold!
I had to do 3 miles at race pace: 9:10. With warmup and cool down, I got in 4 miles before hitting the shower. 

Then I had to wake up Brad and tell him the car wouldn't start. Then we hung out in the 25* driveway (5* windchill!) and tried to jump start it with a bad cable. We finally got it started, and I was just a little late to work.

We're having OSHA training for all our students today and tomorrow (unless we have a snow day!!!). I took full advantage of the mini cinnamon rolls Sue brought in for our students. Between the workout and the stress, I think I deserve a couple ;)

Now bring on the snow!

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