Friday, February 14, 2014


Remember how we were totally snowed in this weekend? Now it feels like spring. I went running after work yesterday in shorts!
So I have a big race this weekend - the Heart Breaker Half. I started training in November and have worked really hard all winter, faithfully doing my long runs, tempo runs, pace runs and intervals.

I've also been feeling a little tightness in my left lower calf. During Sunday's run, I realized it was hurting a bit. CRAP! So I'm now in that horrible place where I have a big race right around the corner and a possible injury. In fact, I have THREE races in the next month :(  If you're a runner, you understand my pain!

I rode the exercise bike this week, iced lots, took Aleve. Yesterday I went out for a short run with Connie to test it out. It was tight at first but then seemed to loosen. But right at the end of the run, I went up on a curb and then took a hard right turn. Oh - there's the pain. AHHHH!
At this point, I'm planning to run Sunday and see what happens. If I need to pull back - or even pull out - I will. I don't want to risk a permanent injury.

I'll try to hold it loosely and see what happens :)

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