Thursday, February 20, 2014

No more sesamoid

My little sis has been dealing with foot pain for about two years. After a whole slew of tests, it was finally diagnosed as a stress fracture in one of the sesamoid bones at the base of her left big toe. 

The pea-sized bone was actually broken in half and, despite all the right treatments, did not mend itself. In fact, it was so traumatized that it died. No more blood flow. Pain continued, her body rejecting it as a foreign object. Time for surgery!

Yesterday we  took her bright and early to the Cornell Surgery Center for the simple procedure. Hanging out in the really nice waiting area:
Mom went with Eryn when they took her back for the prep work. Of course, she had to document the experience on her iPhone. They put Eryn in this funky gown that fills with warm air! 

The air port:
The pump:
Puffy, inflatable gown!
They eventually took Eryn in for the procedure, and Mom came out the wait. Dr. Mah finally came to tell us the everything went well, and she would be ready after waking up a bit more. (They used a block on her foot and "sleepy" medicine in her IV)

Soon, Mom was called back. More pics! (Eryn doesn't remember Mom snapping these ones.)
She looks pissed. And sleepy :)
Time to go home!

After no food since midnight, Eryn was happy to have the little bag of oyster crackers they sent her out with. She was awake but a little loopy :)
After helping get her strapped in Mom and Dad's car, my first assignment was to run next door for the Krispy Kreme doughnuts she was craving! (I bought two because I figured she might not remember the first one) I did that while they hit the Beaverton Taco Time for crisp bean burritos - her favorite!
We got her home and fed while Dad went to Bi-Mart to fill the prescription. He returned with a couple bundles of wood for her woodstove! Fire, Olympics and oxycodone - perfect for feeling better!

Here's to a speedy, relatively pain-free recovery, Sis!!!


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