Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wanna see Eryn's nasty foot??

Eryn's surgery went well last week, and yesterday was the day to remove the cast and get a peek at the incision. Wanna look? It's kinda gruesome. You've been warned ;)

Waiting for Dr. Mah. Notice the guy with the boot in the background? Dr. Mah is a foot/ankle specialist, and the waiting room is packed with people in boots and casts! Eryn's bulbous cast protecting the wound:
Ready to get this thing off!
A giant Dremel:
The doctor made the cuts:
Then the nurse did the reveal:
Pretty bruising:
And there it is!
X-rays confirmed that the bone is, indeed, no longer there. Dr. Mah said everything looked great, then he wrapped her up and sent her home in a boot.

Here's to continued healing :)

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  1. Cool pictures. That sutured area looks really painful!