Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finally, some flashy kicks

Have you heard the saga of my boring shoes?

The current trend is really bright, flashy, neon running shoes. However, my model of choice is very traditional and very, very boring - mostly just plain white with a hint of color. They usually come in several whitish models and one that's flashy.
I buy all my shoes online because I can get them close to half price. Except the pretty ones. They are never on sale. 

Newtons are known for their awesome colors, and I snagged a pair on CRAZY sale at the Portland Marathon Expo. But... they are WHITE! I didn't even know they came in white!
I checked Amazon a couple weeks ago and saw a pretty pair for just $68! YIPPEE! Look what arrived last week:
I know it's silly, but I am really excited about these new shoes! I just started a new pair, so these babies will stay in my closet for a little while. But I'm smiling, just knowing they are waiting for me :)

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