Wednesday, May 7, 2014

AM biking buddy

I talked Dad into joining me on another early-morning bike ride!

I wish this photograph adequately portrayed the brilliant pink glow just before the sun breached the horizon:
We tried a new route, riding through the very chilly, foggy Cook Park and into Tualatin. It was going great until we crossed the very narrow Tualatin River bridge on Highway 99W and Dad hit his handle bar. He apparently had a spectacular crash (I was in front and missed the show)!

Thankfully, he was a bit shaken but otherwise unharmed. And he didn't go over the rails into traffic OR the river!! I promised not to try and kill him on our next ride :) 

See... he's OK:
It was a lot colder this morning than last week, and I wished I had warmer clothes. Lesson learned for next time :)

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