Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Sunday

I really had a great weekend!

Saturday's ride left me feeling strong and empowered! I've been really feeling weak since having to drastically cut back on running. Doing a big event - and kicking butt at it! - felt so good.

Sunday was the annual firefighter pancake feed in Newberg. So after first service, Brad, Mom, Dad and I walked the two blocks from church to the firehouse and loaded up on all-we-could eat cakes, eggs, sausage and juice. Excellent as always!
Dad headed off to spend the day with Grandpa and Brad met up with a friend for some climbing prep. Mom and I hopped in the big truck and went to Canby for the annual plant sale.

We got tomatoes and other veggie starts and gawked at the amazing metal garden art. I wanted several pieces that were way out of my price range. ** Pa - perhaps we could commission you to build something for us?? **

After a lovely reading/napping session, I did some chores, made dinner (leftovers went into the freezer for lunches), worked out and did a bunch of yard work. So productive!

Surprisingly, my legs felt good despite the 34+ miles on my bike. So I did some running on the treadmill. It was so muggy!
I ran/walked for a total of 4.0 miles, running three 1-mile chunks.

My Achilles hurt at times - a sudden stabbing pain that lasted just a split second - but was fine most of the time. I sped up as I went, and once I hit about 10:30+ average, it stopped hurting. Must be something that changes in my stride when I speed up - less time on my heels, I assume.

I had a very pleasant, satisfying weekend! I hope you did, too :)

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