Saturday, May 3, 2014

Screw it, I'm going for a run!

Eryn and I hit the pavement for a little run after work Friday. We started walking 2 minutes and running 3, but we were feeling good, and the running segments got longer.

I could definitely feel my Achilles, but I said screw it and kept running. And it was amazing!!!
This guy stopped us in our tracks on the Cook Park trail:
We took a break in the middle to cheer on Mom's softball team at THS:
By the time I got home, I'd done 7.64 miles at a 12:25 pace. Pretty good, considering the walking portions!
I am THRILLED that I made it 7.64 miles. It hurt more at the beginning and less after warming up. I iced when I got home, and this morning it just feels a little tight - no real pain.

I can't wait to run again :)

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