Saturday, May 24, 2014

Discovery Run winner!

Brad won a raffle prize at Thursday's Discovery Run!
The Tualatin Road Runner Sports store hosts the scavenger hunts on the fourth Thursday of the month. The 2014 season started last month, but it was rainy and windy so we bailed. But last night was hot and humid - perfect for running around town and collecting raffle tickets!

They pulled the tarp off the giant map at 6:30 p.m., I scribbled down the locations, and we were off. A ton of people were there - most donning our official, high-vis Discovery Run shirts.

I love the look on drivers' faces as we all run past!

We hit almost all the spots, collecting bonus tickets for wearing our shirts and for doing little stunts - like pushups in the fountain.
We returned to the store after an hour, grabbed our root beer floats (SO glad they didn't just have beer this time!) and laid out our tickets:
Raffle time...
Brad's number was called!!! Certificates for froyo, compression sleeves, nutrition drinks and online running training - SCORE!
We also came away with a ton of coconut water, Muscle Milk, gels, Honey Stinger waffles and blister powder!

The best part was that we were having a blast while getting in our workout. Because of my injury, we didn't go full out. But we did still run 4.23 miles at a 12:03 average - traffic lights, ticket stops, pushups and all :)
I love these events! Can't wait for next month :)


  1. Liz, Your enthusiasm for fun blesses me.

    1. Thanks, Marcile!! Life's too short to not have lots and lots of fun :)