Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My two aunts

I'd like you to meet my two aunts, Kari and Vicki.
Kari (on the right) is Mom's sister (perhaps you see a resemblance!?!) and Vicki is her wife.

On the day I was born (many moons ago...), Kari gave me my beloved Odie, who loves to dress up for holidays (duh!!) and still sleeps next to my bed. Kari's been a big part of my entire life.
And Vicki joined the family when I was in high school... I think. It was so long ago - I feel like she's always just been around.
Kari and Vicki are wonderful examples in my life of loving, caring, generous people - and an example of a dedicated, healthy couple. And together, they are raising two kind, compassionate daughters who are growing into fine young women - like their mothers.

Kari and Vicki first married in Canada and then in Portland when Oregon law briefly allowed it. Monday, they threw a party to celebrate same-sex marriage being legal once again in Oregon.
They are 100% a normal family - with houses and kids and cars and jobs and holidays and stress and parties and fun and sad and struggles and triumphs. I consider myself so fortunate to have that modeling - in any relationship, but especially in a same-sex relationship.

As humans, we understand so much better things of which we have firsthand knowledge (in all areas of life!). When we have concrete, positive examples, it's much easier to understand things/situations different than ourselves. It takes away the fear of the unknown, the different.
I fully acknowledge that my life experiences have shaped my strong beliefs and made this situation completely normal to me. And I am so incredibly thankful for that. I also acknowledge that those without similar experiences may have a harder time understanding. I wish everyone had similar positive examples in their lives like I've had :)

I am thrilled that people in my life, people I love, now have the same legal marriage protections that I do. I'm thrilled that this ruling brought an enormous smile a coworker who's been waiting to marry her fiance. I'm thrilled that my aunts' marriage is again legally recognized. I'm thrilled that the courts are striking down discriminatory laws.
My heartfelt congratulations to Kari and Vicki, Pauline and all others who are now able to marry their best friends!

In the words of the famous Reed Coleman, GO LOVE!! :)

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