Wednesday, June 18, 2014

25 years

Amid the excitement of the last couple weeks was a celebration of Mom's tenure at Tigard High School.

The annual End of the Year Celebration honors district retirees and recipients of years-of-service awards.
Mom received a 25-year pin, though this was really her 26th year. The district doesn't count her first temporary position.
But first came some THS retirees... Associate Principal Barb Proctor:
Physics teacher Rick Holmes:
And instructional assistant Rosie Dailey:
YAY, MOM!!!!
Fancy pin!
My CE2 coworker, Tony, received his 20-year pin:
We munched on strawberry shortcake and rootbeer floats while honoring our friends who've dedicated their lives to improving the lives of children - a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

Congrats to everyone :)

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