Monday, June 2, 2014

My first flat

I was initiated into the road bike club last week: my first flat!

Dad and I were out on a morning ride Thursday, miles from home, when Dad asked what the funny sound was coming from my bike. I dismounted and discovered my tire was low. Then Dad spotted this:
A giant construction staple stuck right in my skinny tire. UGH!

We were in the middle of King City, Brad was out on a run, it was raining, and I had a meeting right when I got to work, so I had to be on time.

Dad called Mom (who happened to sleep through her alarm and was dead to the world), who agreed to come get me in her truck. I sent Dad ahead to finish his ride (no need to ruin both workouts) and I started walking.

I got about 2 miles through King City and down Durham Road before Mom pulled up. Thank goodness for close, helpful family :) I got home, showered and made it to work on time!

I already got a small pump for my birthday. Now I just need a patch kit and another tire-changing lesson from Brad :)

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