Thursday, June 26, 2014

Post-race birthday party

June is a VERY popular birthday month in my family! As a kid, I always shared my celebration with great grandparents Nana, Johnny and Papa Fantz - and Father's Day, of course. My great grandparents have died, but now I share my week with father-in-law Steve and grandma-in-law Barbara!

Mother-in-law Donna often plans a big party, and this year was no exception.
After running the Vancouver USA Half Marathon June 15, we drove the few miles east to Steve and Donna's house, got cleaned up and headed downstairs for some amazing grub.

This was billed as a "light lunch":
Racing makes me very hungry!
We had to play a little game before we could eat:
Then I LOADED up my plate with salad and grilled salmon:
And cake:
Then presents:
Among them, a Mickey Mouse!
I am so thankful to have wonderful family that loves to spoil me :)

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