Friday, July 25, 2014

Boring bike ride

Dad agreed to bike part of the Springwater Corridor with me this morning, so I rode to his house about 6:45 a.m., and we loaded the truck and hit the road for Southeast Portland.
The ~21-mile trail is missing a section in Sellwood. We parked at the east end of that section and jumped on the trail at Southeast 19th Avenue and Ochoco Street, about Milepost 5 on the trail.

It's an old railroad right of way, so it's flat and straight - perfect for an easy ride. We took a snack break at Milepost 14 in Gresham, and Dad said to keep going. When he finally started to tire, we were just a few miles from the end - so we kept going... all the way to...

The clouds were just starting to clear as we took a break at the end of the trail.

The way back had a slight downhill trend but also a headwind. And we were tiring, but we made it:
Dad and I rode about 35 miles - his longest ride ever - woohoo :)

Including my trip to his house and back, I hit 37.5.

While the route itself wasn't challenging, 3.25 hours is a long time to sit in that saddle and keep your legs moving. Way to go, Dad :)

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