Monday, July 28, 2014

Lacamas Lake Half Marathon (7/27/14)

I returned to my roots Sunday... Lacamas Lake, my very first half marathon.
In 2011, at the last minute, I decided to run the half. Three years and a dozen halves later, I went back to try the course again. Unfortunately, my stupid Achilles tendon is still unhappy, so I decided to walk/run this one with my Mom. Eryn was also there, her first half post surgery.

Three McKee ladies ready to go!
Mom's game plan was to walk the flats and ups and run the downs. This was her second half, and her loose goal was to finish in 3:30. Her PR from her first half, which was all walking, was 3:56.

According to my Garmin, we went 13.24 miles at a 15:59 average:
Total time: 3:31:52. Pretty close!
Eryn had a good race until her calves cramped up and she had to walk the last 2 miles. Still, a good showing for her first race back.

All done! 
The festivities were pretty much over 3.5 hours after the start, but the announcers were still there to say our names as we crossed the line - one of my favorite parts! We got our medals, some water and bananas. Then we drove up the hill to Lacamas Lake for some soaking in the water:
That felt so good!

Then on to Mom's request - The Original Taco House on 82nd Avenue in Portland:
 I ate way too many chips, salsa and guac. And this black bean and rice bowl was yummy!
For Mom, it's all about the guac!
Congrats to Mom on her second half and to Eryn on her return to racing. So what's the next race??? :)

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