Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Lindsey and I got our sweat on yesterday for a kickboxing class with my young friend, Brittany.
Brittany just graduated from THS and works at Fierce Fitness Kickboxing, her family's gym in Southwest Portland:
To raise money for her summer trip to Italy, Brittany taught after-school classes to staff at THS. I worked out with this tough cookie for seven weeks and loved it. Now that she's back in the good old U S of A, I decided to give the real thing a try - at her gym with bags and gloves and everything! (At THS we just air punched)

See how tough we are?!?
I was intimidated to go to the gym by myself, so luckily Lindsey is always ready for an adventure and agreed to go with me. After an intense hour, we goofed off while Brittany took our pictures.
 Love Lindsey in this one:
Why didn't I take a picture of Brittany?? DUH! Next time.

So we both loved it, and I plan to sign up and make it a regular part of my workouts. Because the class started at 5 p.m., Brad couldn't make it. BUT... I learned that Brittany often also does a 7-8 class on Tuesday/Thursday! I told Brad and he got really scared - because now he has to go, too!

She's also covering Wednesday's 7 p.m. class this week - we we'll be there together :)

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