Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer streakin' - Week 4

** Monday - 9.35-mile walk/run with Mom:
And a 1-hour kickboxing class with Lindsey and Brittany:

** Tuesday - 41 minutes on the recumbent bike (PS - so glad we recently upgraded to this new bike. Love it!):

** Wednesday - 60-minute shakeout on the bike. Then another 1-hour kickboxing class with Brad and Brittany:

** Thursday - 10-mile bike ride, mostly cruising but one BIG, lung-busting hill toward the end:

** Friday - 5.5-mile hike around camp:

** Saturday - 13-mile hike around Timothy Lake:

** Sunday - 60 minutes on the bike. Tablet's battery was dead - had to read magazines. I miss my Netflix:

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