Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: TURKEY!

My family of school employees tries to do something fun once a week during the summer. But first, Mom and Dad went to Europe for a couple weeks. Then Brad and I were camping at the Redwoods. So this was our first official Weekly Wednesday of 2014.

Actually, Mom, Dad and Eryn went golfing last week in my absence. Fine with me - I can't stand golf ;)

Since it was HOT, we picked indoor, air-conditioned bowling for our outing. But first, lunch in at the Hawthorne Cartopia.
Then a round at Grand Central Bowling:
In typical Dad fashion, he face planted on his first throw and then complained about sticky shoes the whole time. Oh, Dad...
I totally sucked the first few frames - and then I suddenly became a bowler... and got a strike.

Followed by a second strike.

And then a third! TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've never, in my whole life, done that... And then I WON!
HAHAHA - from last place to first place, baby!

We celebrated with a chocolate caramel tort at nearby Pacific Pie Co.
Yeah, it was good ;)

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