Sunday, July 20, 2014

We're getting a three-wheeler

Have you heard of the Elio? It's a new car (coming fall 2015) that has three wheels and lots of personality.

We been planning to get one after Brad's car kicks the bucket, as long as the actually start manufacturing them and all the parts work like they say they will. They get crazy-good gas mileage, and we hope to use it as Brad's commuter and also for errands around town. The best part? They plan to sell them for $6,800!

They've been touring the country with the prototype, and last weekend was Portland's turn to see the cutie in person.
We went to Washington Square, stood in line, chatted with other excited future buyers, and got to sit inside.

It has one seat in the front and a second behind that can fold down for extra storage.
We both tried each position and found both comfortable. There was plenty of room for us. But we also saw a couple VERY big dudes climbing inside without trouble. It's surprisingly roomy.
But it was odd to be "driving" with walls so close on both sides. I'm sure we'll get used to it.

The back was a bit claustrophobic to me, but Brad didn't mind. I'll make him sit back there ;) My one concern is that you CANNOT get out of the back with a driver in place. (At least the way the prototype is built - perhaps the final product will be a little different) That concerns me a bit in case of a crash where the driver was incapacitated. In fact, my heart rate is up just a tad thinking about it.

We loved it. Assuming the mechanics of it all comes through, we hope to be a proud Elio owner someday. We just need to decide which color to get :)

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