Friday, July 7, 2017

Angel's Rest trail run (6/11/17)

Now that it's summer break and I have time to reflect on the adventures in my life... (and get the pics off my camera/phone!)

Inspired by Tami's photos on Facebook, Brad and I decided to do some trail running at Angel's Rest in the Gorge.

We ran/fast hiked to the summit, then ran on the flatter trails at the top. It was lush and gorgeous! We wished we had a car shuttle so we could run all the way down Wahkeena or Multnomah Falls.
Wildflowers dotted the landscape:
After some miles at the top, we returned to the summit for a snack and some pics :)

As expected on a sunny Sunday, it was super crowded. But after passing the summit ridge, we only saw a couple people.
After resting a bit and taking in the view, we hauled tail the whole way down. That extreme up and down sure smoke the legs! We ended up with 8 miles in all.


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