Saturday, July 22, 2017

Wahkeena Falls/Multnomah Falls Loop (7/21/17)

Yesterday's adventure was the Wahkeena Falls/Multnomah Falls loop with Brittany!
We left town shortly before 11 and hit a bit of traffic on I-5. And then I got distracted and missed the exit for the Old Columbia River Highway. We ended up parking in the main Multnomah lot instead of at the Wahkeena trail head like we normally do.

There was a lot of activity at Multnomah Falls - sheriff's deputies, city police, park rangers, ambulances - and Life Flight landed just as we arrived! We overheard a deputy say someone up on the trail had a seizure and then cardiac arrest. We sure hope he's OK!

Because we parked at Multnomah, and the trail was closed because of the rescue, we started our counter-clockwise hike with the connector trail to Wahkeena. Being noon on a beautiful Friday, it was very crowded as we made our way across. 
The crowds thinned a bit as we climbed. We stopped for pics at Fairy Falls and then took the Vista Point Trail, hoping for more solitude. The start of the trail is a bit flooded, so most people were sticking with the Wahkeena Trail.

Soon we were back on Wahkeena and headed east toward Multnoma Creek.
 It's super fun to take someone to explore new places :)
We reached the top of Multnomah Falls and then joined the tourist crowd on the paved descent.  
Another beautiful day outside :)

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